Create and Manage User Groups

User Groups help you segment and organize users in Cheqroom according to their commonalities.

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Create User Groups

  1. In Cheqroom, go to Settings.

  2. Select User Groups.

  3. Click the option Add User Group.

  4. Give your group a name.

    1. Optionally, add a description to clarify the defining characteristics shared by users in the group (i.e., First Year Film Students).

  5. Click Create new user group.

🎉 Voilà, you just created a User group 🎉

Enable Equipment Access

You can grant specific Equipment Access to a User Group.

  1. Click on the box

  2. Select the item group(s) you want the users in this group to have access to.

    1. Or to create a new Item group click on Add an item group.

  3. Make sure to save the changes.

Edit User Groups

  1. In Cheqroom, go to Settings.

  2. Click User Groups.

  3. Select the three dots on the menu where you can create, edit or clone a User Group.

  4. Select Edit.

  5. Make your desired modifications.

  6. Make sure to click Save Changes.

Add users to a User group

There are multiple ways to add users to a User group.

Importing users from a .csv

If you want to add Users in bulk with an assigned User Group, you can import a list of users in a spreadsheet with the .csv format.

Assigning User groups in bulk

  1. On your navigation bar, click on Users.

  2. Select the users you want to add to your recently created User Group.

  3. Click on Bulk Actions and then Assign a user group.

  4. Select the User Group you want to assign.

  5. Assign User groups to users in Cheqroom

💡 Pro tip: To add hundreds of users to a user group, follow these steps:

  • Go to the user management page.

  • Use the filter option to search for the specific user fields you want to group together (e.g., students in program A).

  • Bulk-select the users and assign them to the desired user group.

Individual Users

From the User management page

  1. On your navigation bar, click on Users.

  2. Hover over the User, then click on Actions.

  3. Click on Assign User Group.

  4. Select the User Group.

  5. Your changes will automatically be saved.

From the User profile page

If you are in the user’s profile, you can assign them to a user group by selecting Assign User Group and selecting the User group.

🎉 Voilà, this user belongs to a User group 🎉

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