💡 This feature is currently in Beta.

Now that you enabled the booking permission on a user role, it's time to create an item group that the user can reserve or check out.

How to create an item group?

  • Go to Settings, and select Roles & Permissions

  • There, you can create, edit or clone a role

  • Scroll down until seeing "Booking Permissions on Items"

  • If not done already, activate the booking permissions on items

  • Click on Add item group

  • Choose the name of your item group

  • Set filters to select the items that should belong to this item group

  • Before saving the item group, you can have a preview of the items that will be included in the group. This way, you can ensure you give booking permission with the right items.

  • Once you are happy with your item group, don't forget to click on Add item group

🎉 That's it, you just created your first item group 🎉

On which proprieties can you filter the items?

To create the right group, you will have to use the filters. These filters are based on the item fields to give you more flexibility.

You can use the default item fields:

  • Category

  • Brand

  • Model

  • Purchase Price

  • Serial Number

  • Description

  • Hyperlink

  • Owner

Or you can filter using your own custom fields. We're currently supporting the following type of fields:

  • Date fields

  • Boolean fields

  • Multiple select fields

  • Single line of text fields

  • Number fields

Can I re-use my item groups?

Yes! Once an item group is created, it is linked to your workspace. This means that you only have to create it once, after which you're free to activate it for different user roles.

What are the next steps?

Now that you have your first item group, you can activate it for the role you are setting up. We have an article here that will help you grant users permission to your item group. Have a look 😄

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