Create and Manage Your Item Groups

Item groups are a way to segment items in various ways. You can use filters to segment based on the item fields.

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How to create an item group?

To create an item group, you have to either create or edit a User group.

  1. When in the user group, click on add item group.

  2. Give the item group a name.

  3. Use the filter to narrow down - or expand - the items that should belong to this item group. Scroll down and preview the items that will be included in the group.

  4. Once satisfied with your item group, click Add item group.

  5. You will go back to the User group page, and your changes will be saved.

💡 The Item group you create will be automatically assigned to the User group.

🎉 That's it. You just created your item group 🎉

Using Filters

You can segment items based on their properties. These properties vary depending on the item fields, such as category, brand, purchase price, or other custom fields. Learn more about item fields in this article.

  • What are Filter rules? A filter rule is either a specific value of a property (say, “Canon”), or a range of values ( say, “less than $500” or “Canon or Sony”)

  • What are Filter groups? A filter group contains several filter rules. It will help you navigate through complex item groups.

A Note on "And” and "Or"

AND and OR operators are a great way to create more targeted item groups. They are used to connect two or more variables.

  • Use AND when you want to include both variables - When 'Category' is “Cameras” AND “lenses”.

  • Use OR when you want to select either variable - When 'brand' is “Sony” OR “Canon”.

How to edit or delete an Item group.

  1. When in the user group, go to the Equipment Access block.

  2. Click on the three dots.

  3. Select Edit to make changes, or delete the Item group permanently.

  4. Make your changes, and when done, click on save.

  5. If you want to delete, confirm your choice.

Once an item group is created, it is linked to your workspace. This means that you only have to create it once, after which you're free to use it for different User groups.

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