Setting up Equipment Access

This is the step-by-step guide to help you set up Equipment Access on your workspace

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1. Create User Groups

User groups help you organize users in Cheqroom according to their common attributes- allowing you to go beyond roles and permissions.

  1. On Cheqroom, go to Settings

  2. Select User Group

  3. Click Add User Group

  4. Give your group a name

    1. Optionally, add a description to clarify the characteristics shared by users in the group.

  5. Enable Equipment Access by moving the toggle.

💡At this point, you haven't created a user group yet.

2. Create Item Groups

Item groups are a way to segment items in a variety of ways. With the filter, you can segment based on the item information - including your custom fields -

  1. Select add item group, a new window should pop up

  2. Choose a name for the item group

  3. Use the filter to narrow down - or expand - the items that should belong to this item group.

    🚨 You can segment items based on the item fields, e.g., category, brand, or other custom fields like purchase price.

    Filter rules: A filter rule is either a specific value of a property (i.e., “Canon”), or a range of values (e.g., “less than $500” or “Canon or Sony”)

    Filter groups: A filter group contains several filter rules. It will help you navigate through more complex item groups.

4. Once satisfied with your item group, click Add item group.

5. You will then be redirected to the User group page.

🚨 Notes:

  • Your item group has been automatically assigned to the user group you are creating.

  • You can assign multiple item groups to a single user group.

3. Assign users to a User group

So far, so good, but your user group isn’t saved yet

  1. Select Create new user group to save your work

And just like that, you’ve created the first User group with Equipment Access. As you will see, there are no users assigned to the User Group.

4. Assign Users to a User Group

  1. On your navigation bar, click on Users

  2. Select the users you want to add to your recently created User Group

  3. Click on Bulk Actions and then assign the correct User Group

💡 You can also assign a User group to a single user from the profile info tab.

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