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Import New Users to Your Workspace
Import New Users to Your Workspace
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For Customers Using the New and Improved User Management Page

1. Upload your spreadsheet to Cheqroom

Click on Upload file and select the sheet you just exported as a .csv. You can also drag and drop the file on this page. The pre-formatted CSV template should get you started if you don't have a list to start with. Click on this link if you need more help on how to prepare your file for import.

2. Make sure to map all fields

In this step, you need to map the information from your spreadsheet to the right fields in Cheqroom (if it doesn't happen automatically, f.e.: when you use custom fields or different column names in the sheet). When all fields are mapped, click 'next'.

Important: If you want some of the users on the list to have Workspace access, you'll need to provide a role in their respective row. Upon 'completing the process', we will send out invite links to the users mapped with a role.

3. Complete the process

Step 3 of the import process should show you a preview of the first 10 users you'll try to upload. Please check again if all information is added and mapped correctly. Looking good? Please click 'finish' to import all your new users.

You should also receive a confirmation email shortly.

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