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Custom field types overview
Custom field types overview

Picking the right field type for your custom fields

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Custom fields let you store extra information on an Item, like Serial number or Vendor, or on a Reservation, like shipping address or UPS tracking number.

Possible field types

  • Single line of text

  • Multiple lines of text

  • Date

  • Currency

  • Integer

  • Decimal

  • Numeric

  • Hyperlink

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Dropdown list

Cheqroom allows you to specify "the field type" so you can store rich content in each field. Now let's go over the different field types that are available:

Single line of text

A single line text field speaks for itself: you can put any text value you want. The single line text field is best for short, unique pieces of text, such as a Brand name, Item name, Vendor and so on.

Multiple lines of text

This field is great when you need to keep notes or multiple lines of text in each record. You can enter new lines into a long text field and you can use this for an Item or Reservation description, a short user manual, or specific notes.


A date field allows you to easily enter a date to a specific item or reservation and check-out. When editing a date time, you will be presented with a calendar widget that makes it easy to select a specific date. The date format is based on what you chose in your General Settings.


A currency field is a specific type of number column that formats the number as a currency amount. You can specify a currency symbol, for example "$", or you can add the unit "USD". 


Integer fields are fields in which you can make only number entries and if required also use the values for calculations. Negative numbers are allowed, but decimals are not. This field can be used for Unit numbers (if it only consists of numbers), Number of cables added, Number of people working on the project, and so on.

*If the number starts with 0, it is suggested to use the Numeric field type instead.


Decimals can have a fractional part, and they can be either positive or negative. This field is used for example to add the specific weight or height of an item.


The numeric field type only allows you to enter numbers, but the zeroes are not stripped off (as is the case with Integer fields). This kind works better for numbers that have a leading “0001234", such as barcodes or serial numbers.

Text or combinations of text and numbers stored as text and used as a hyperlink address. 


A phone number field is a digit string of numbers, which will vary depending on the country you choose from the dropdown list. A US/Canada phone number, for example, will show you the required form (XXX) XXX-XXXX, as shown in the example below.


An email field is intended to store a single email address in each field. 

Dropdown is a closed-ended field type and is ideal when you want to be able to select a single option from a preset list of options. You can select the desired option from the dropdown menu:

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