You can have one Cheqroom account for your entire organization and link multiple teams or business units with Cheqroom Workspaces.

💡 3 workspaces are included in our Business Premium and Academic Premium plans. If you want to add more workspaces, don’t hesitate to contact support or your account manager.

Workspaces settings

  • Billing: You have an overview of your plan usage. How many workspaces do you have and use? What’s your total item quota, and how much has been used?

  • Manage workspaces: here, you can add, edit, or delete a workspace. You have an overview of item quotas, users, and locations.

  • Account owners: in this section, you manage users that are account owners

  • Navigation: If you have the permissions, you can quickly move from one workspace to another using the top button in your navigation bar.

How to create a new workspace

  • Go to Settings and select Manage account.

  • Scroll down until Manage Workspaces

  • Under the Manage Workspaces category, click on Add workspace

  • Choose the name of the workspace

  • Set the item limit, and hit Add workspace

Do you already have multiple Cheqroom accounts and want to link them to one organization plan? Feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager to help you manage this transition.

How to edit your workspaces

How do you update the item limit or the name of your workspaces?

  • In Settings, go to Manage account.

  • Scroll down until you find the workspace you would like to edit

  • Click on the three dots next to the workspace’s name

  • Choose Edit workspace

  • Update the information and click on Save changes

❓ No more items left in your plan? Upgrade your plan to increase the item quota. If you need help with it, we’ll be happy to help.

How to remove a workspace?

⚠️ The deletion of a workspace is permanent and cannot be undone.

  • In Settings, choose Manage account

  • Find the workspace you would like to delete

  • Click on the three dots next to the workspace’s name

  • Choose Delete workspace

  • Type the name of the workspace to confirm the deletion

  • Click on Delete workspace

How do you manage the account owners?

👉 Making someone an account owner for your organization will also give them account owner permissions for all workspaces in your organization.

An account owner can manage workspaces, billing details, and access the different workspaces. Before someone can become an account owner for your organization, they need to have a user in at least one of the workspaces in your organization.

If you need to invite a new account owner, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings, and click on Manage account

  • Locate the Account Admins category

  • Select Add account owner to invite a new account owner

  • Fill in their email address, and click on Add

Navigate between your workspaces

During login, you can select the workspace you would like to access:

  • Follow the steps to log in

  • After filling in your password, select the workspace

If you are already logged in, you can navigate to another workspace easily:

  • At the top left corner, click on the workspace’s name

  • When the drop-down menu is displayed, select the workspace you want to access

🚨 Due to a permissions check, you must re-enter your password for every workspace. Once you’re logged in, you can switch seamlessly between workspaces.

How to join a workspace that is not shown in my workspace drop-down

On the top left corner of your workspace, you can see every workspace for which you have a user and permission to use. If you want to join another workspace, you should ask an admin of that specific workspace to invite you to the additional workspace. If the workspace you want to join has SSO configured, you don’t need an admin invite. In this case, you can click the ‘Find workspaces’ option in the drop-down.

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