Setting up User Sync to automatically synchronize the right set of users from your LDAP compatible server to CHEQROOM can sometimes be complex.

View logs

  • Go to your Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Click Add-ons 
  • Scroll down until you reach the 'sync remote users' section and choose Settings
  • If your User Sync has issues, you'll see an error icon
  • Next, click Actions, View logs

Typical problems

Username containing illegal characters

Skipping user with illegal characters in login '' (userPrincipalName) 

Often indicates you're trying to use an email field as the CHEQROOM username  which is not supported at this time. Solution is to use uid  or sAMAccountName instead.

Username being too short

Skipping user login ab is too short (sAMAccountName)

Usernames have to be between 3 and 128 characters long.

Trying to overwrite the username

Cannot overwrite username from john_doe to john.doe

Once a username exists, it can no longer be changed manually, or via user sync.

Trying to overwrite the account owner

Cannot overwrite account owner john.doe (

To avoid lock-outs when there are connection or configuration problems, the owner of an account cannot be a synced user.

Username or email address already in use

Skipping user, login john.doe or email already exists elsewhere

Indicates that a user with the same login or email address is already part of CHEQROOM, but under another account. The main causes are:

  • The username being too generic e.g. john  which is already in use by someone
  • Sometimes that person already set up a new trial by accident. If you think that is the case, contact us so we can investigate.

Different User Syncs have overlapping queries

A single user should never be part of the results of multiple User Sync. You'll have to design your LDAP queries to exclude one group from the other. 

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