Handling equipment maintenance and repair for your inventory is done via Reservations and Check-outs to a dedicated Maintenance Contact.

Contact view

Dashboard view

Handling Equipment Maintenance

Planning preventive maintenance

  1. Click Reservations, next click Add reservation
  2. Select the Maintenance Contact
  3. Set the from and to dates, the Location and the Items to be serviced
  4. Store any images of damages as Attachments on the Reservation
  5. Click Reserve
  6. (optionally) Click Repeat Reservation... to plan a recurring maintenance (e.g. every month)

Performing Item maintenance

  1. Find back the previously created open Reservation, click the button Convert to Check-out.
  2. Or go to Check-outs, next click New check-out
  3. Select the Maintenance Contact
  4. Set the from and due dates, the Location and the Items to be serviced
  5. Click Check-out
  6. Perform the maintenance
  7. Store any images of repairs, notes, invoices or receipts as Attachments on the Check-out.
  8. When done, click to Check in the equipment again
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