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How to receive your Cheqroom Activity Report
How to receive your Cheqroom Activity Report

Get notified on a regular basis about activity in Cheqroom

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As a user with the permission to view reports, you can receive a weekly or monthly Cheqroom Activity Report straight in your mailbox. This Report will show you what your team or users have been up to and how active the account actually is.

Let's set it up, shall we?

Enabling the Activity Report

  • Click on your User icon (top right corner of the screen)

  • Click on your User name (above Settings)

  • Scroll down to the Preferences section

  • Check the box of the Activity Report

  • Choose to receive the Report every week or every month

Using the Activity Report

Once you have enabled your Cheqroom Activity Report, you will receive information about:

  • Reservations

  • Check-outs

  • Items that have been flagged

  • Items that are out of warranty

  • Number of Cheqroom sessions

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