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Grouping Items together in Kits

The Kits module allows you to bundle items and track equipment that travels together in e.g. a flightcase

Written by Samia Suys
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You can group equipment that always stays together in a single Kit. That way you can track it as a whole and book it in one click.

Enabling the Kit add-on

  • Click Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click Add-ons

  • Scroll down to Kits

  • Make sure it's activated

Creating a new Kit


Note: In order for you to create your first Kit, the items that will be part of that Kit have to be already added to your account. 

  1. Click Kits, then click New kit

  2. Enter a name, then add equipment by clicking Add item

  3. Fill in additional information (optional - Item fields)

  4. Upload an image or pick one from the web

  5. Click Add at the top of the screen


If you're planning on importing your gear all at once, you might as well create an extra column for your Items to add the name of the Kit. Just make sure to always use the exact Kit name for each Item, so the system can recognize them and add them to a Kit during import. 


An item can only be part of one kit at a time. Think of kits as a flight-case which always has the exact same contents. Be aware that you cannot add more than 100 items per kit.

An item that belongs to a Kit can still be booked separately. You will then receive this pop-up message, to give you the option to add the entire Kit:

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