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Notifications Based on Custom Date Fields
Notifications Based on Custom Date Fields

Trigger notifications when dates are looming. For example, when the calibration date is approaching or when it's time for an overhaul.

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This feature is available with every subscription plans on Cheqroom

⚠️ To choose the custom trigger, you will need a custom Date Field for your Items, Reservations, or Check-outs:

Create a New Notification

  • Go to your Settings and select Notifications.

  • Click New notification.

  • Choose a Trigger.

Choose the custom date field as the trigger

A trigger is an event that initiates the notification. Once the notification is active, Cheqroom will monitor for that trigger event and send out the notification when it happens. In this situation, the date selected on the field.

  • Select the custom field as the trigger and click on Continue

Configuring the trigger

  • Give this trigger a unique name.

  • Choose when it should be triggered.

πŸ’‘ For example, 2 hours before the calibration date is due

  • Select for which locations the notification should trigger.

  • Pick the type of notification you want to send.

Write your message

You can either write static messages (always the same email) or use the dynamic fields from the Fields Picker to make your email relevant to the actual event it was triggered for.

  • Fill in the To field with a static email address (e.g. or use a dynamic field. (e.g. email it to the Contact of the Check-out with {{}} ). Use a comma in between email addresses if you'd like it to be sent to several recipients.

  • Type a subject.

  • Write the body and add extra fields by clicking on the dropdown list icon on the right side

  • Once you are done, click on Continue.

Preview your notification

  • Check if everything looks okay

  • You can still go back to make changes

  • Click Add when you're done

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