Once you've added all of your inventory to your Cheqroom account, the next step is to learn how to use them in bookings.Β 

Now what's the difference between a Reservation, a Check-out and Custody?


In Cheqroom, Reservations are bookings of equipment for the future.
They help you make sure that the right equipment is available for when you or your team member needs it.

Learn more about how to make a reservation here.

Note: Reservations aren't available in the Essentials Plan.


In Cheqroom, Check-outs track when equipment has actually been removed or collected and when it's due back.

You can create a Check-out by following these steps,.

*Tip: If you don't think you and your team will be using the Check-out module, you can turn it off in your Settings and use 'Close Reservation' instead.

Note: Check-outs aren't available in the Essentials Plan.


Item Custody works like an infinite Check-out or a Check-out without a due date. It lets you register the equipment you have loaned, to whom you loaned it, without having to select a return date or location. It’s ideal for when you’re lending out equipment for a really short or really long duration.

Still not sure which one to use for a certain booking? Perhaps this can help. 😊

Marking equipment as fully or partially unavailable

Not all of your equipment needs to available for bookings. Mark your equipment as unavailable or partially unavailable when you, for example, want to take an item out of circulation for a certain period of time. Say when someone flagged the item as 'Needs repair' and you want to bring it to the maintenance team for a quality check.

Important: to activate, deactivate, or change the Settings of one of our features, visit the Add-on page in your Settings.

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