Navigating your public equipment list

This article shows you the basic functionalities of the public equipment list

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Searching for equipment

With the top search bar, you can filter your equipment based on the item's name.

Important to know is that the search function is based on the name of your items.

For example: if you search for 'Macbook', your equipment list will generate a list of all Macbooks you have available in your account. However, if you search for 'computer' those Macbooks will not appear because 'computer' is not in the name of the item:

Filtering on equipment

If you want to search by type of equipment, category or location, you can do so via the filters on the left:


Categories or locations that do not contain any equipment, will be hidden from the filter options.
Because kits do not have a dedicated location or category these filters are only available for items.

Grouping of items

In your equipment list, identical items at the same location will be grouped together:

Kits in your equipment list

You can use the equipment type filter to only show kits. You can click on a kit card to show more detailed information about the kit and its content.

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