Item Custody works like an infinite Check-out. It lets you register the equipment you have loaned, to whom you loaned it, without having to select a return date or location. It’s ideal for when you’re lending out equipment for a really short or really long duration.


Enabling Custody for your account

  1. Click Items, next click Settings
  2. Enable the Custody module
  3. Click Save (top of the screen)

Using Item Custody

Assigning Custody of a single Item

  1. Click Items, then click an Item
  2. In the header, click Actions, then click Give or Take custody

Finding all Items in custody of a Contact

  1. Click Contacts, then click a Contact
  2. On the Dashboard tab, you can see how many Items are in custody
  3. On the Custody tab, you can see the list of the Items which are in custody

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