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Reduce pre-holidays planning frustrations with Closed days!

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Closed days is a great addition to your account helping you communicate clearly and reduce frictions when the equipment room is closed, like on Holidays. With this new feature, you can specify when the equipment room will be closed. Add time intervals such as "Spring break" and you can set it up to be recurring every year.

To do this, go to Settings, where we added a new nifty settings page to manage your Opening Hours & Closed days from one space.

Scroll down to Closed days and start defining according to your needs. When you click Add closed days, a pop-up appears, where you can fill in the name of the Holiday, the time frame that the office is closed and the Repeat option that helps you define if this is a yearly Holiday or just one off closed period.
Do not forget to save your changes and you are good to go! Now no one can make any bookings during the closed days.

Note: The "From" date cannot be in the past and when adding the dates, the "To" date is automatically set as the same date as the "From" date and you can edit it if you wish.

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