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Changing your Calendar Settings
Changing your Calendar Settings

Customize the text of your calendar events with fields

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The Cheqroom Calendar is a great way to have a quick overview of your upcoming bookings and check-outs.Β 

Now, besides having the option to filter by colored labels, you can also choose what information you see in the Calendar by picking the fields yourself. This can even include Custom fields.

Changing the Calendar Settings

  • Go to Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen

  • Click General

  • Scroll down to the Calendar section

  • Click on the Dropdown Icon on the right side of Event display

  • Choose (custom) fields you want to see in your Calendar

  • Check the Preview

  • Click Save in the top-right corner

  • Preview the Event display

... and have a look at your Calendar screen

πŸ’‘ A few tips on how to best use the Cheqroom calendar:

  1. Use the picker that shows which fields are available to customize your event. At the right side, you have the dropdown menu

  2. Your chosen fields are only shown on the event in color, not when you hover over them

  3. Make sure to use the closing β€œ}}” after inputting a new field and then press the space key. If you did the previous step correctly, then you should see that it became styled

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