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How to complete a check in when bringing back your equipment

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When equipment is brought back or returned to the equipment room, you can complete a Check-in and mark the items as available again. This can be done manually, or by scanning. 

Finding your Check-out

First, in order to be able to complete a Check-in, you'll have to find the open Check-out. You can find the correct booking by either:

  • Clicking on the Check-out section on your Dashboard:

  • Going to the Contact page of the person that was added to the Check-out and selecting the Check-out tab:

  • Or by going to your Check-out tab, adding the filter 'Open' Check-outs and selecting the relevant Check-out:

Completing a Check-in

Once you've found the correct Check-out, you can choose to check in all items or make a partial Check-in

To select the items you want to check in, you can either scan the items, or then you can select the items manually:

Remember to click 'Check-in' in the top right corner to complete the Check-in process. The items that have been checked in will now become available.

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