Now that you have uploaded your inventory and learned how to make bookings, it is time to get the team onboard. 🚐

You can either add them as Contacts or as Users, depending on if you'd like them to have access to the account or not. Let us walk you through it...


Contacts are the people that are used in a Reservation, Check-out or Item Custody. They don't have access to the account unless they are invited as a User. 

You can add Contacts manually or by import, and even create custom fields to add any information you need.


As all of our plans come with an unlimited amount of users, why not invite some of your team members to join the account as well? 

When you invite Users to the CHEQROOM account, they will receive an invitation email and be able to create their own login. From that moment onwards, they will have access to the account, unless you decide to remove them by deactivating or archiving them.

For every person you invite as a User, a Contact will automatically be made. 

User roles and permissions

When inviting Users, you can assign them a user role and select their permissions to limit their access level. Read more about User Roles and Permissions here.

You can always change a user's role afterwards, by following these steps.

*Note: Only the Account Owner, Super Admin and Front Desk Agent role are available in the Essentials plan.

User sync

CHEQROOM supports Single Sign-On (SS0) by connecting to your organization's LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or Active Directory servers. You can learn more about this here.

*Note: the user sync option is not available for the Essentials, Standard and Plus Plan.

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