You have the feature activated. Now what?

After reserving your equipment, you have the option to go through the picking step by clicking Proceed to pick-up or go directly to check-out.

After you Proceed to pick-up the view will change to two columns, dividing what you have reserved and what you have picked up for check out. You can start scanning the equipment right away here.

  • The box with a blue arrow and a plus sign means you can pick the item, no problem!

  • Did you take an item without looking at the code? No worries, we got you! Scan the code and the item will be automatically recognized and replaced* based on the category and the name of the item.

  • Is an item no longer needed? Clicking the box with a red X skips the item.

  • Is there a conflict or is the item flagged and unavailable? You can quickly replace it by clicking on the icon with the red arrows going in opposite directions and we do the rest for you.

How to replace unavailable equipment?

Click on the replacing icon next to an item you wish to replace

A window will open, suggesting items based on category and the name of the item. If there are no items available for your location and time frame chosen during the reservation, no items will be shown as available here. But do not worry, you can still add any piece of equipment (even if the names as categories do not match) by simply scanning the code when picking!

The items you scan or manually pick will appear in the right column even if it was not part of the original reservation.

Note: To be able to successfully replace the item, both of them need to be in the same category with similar names. Only then the app recognizes the items as similar. Example: Canon SE40 is the equivalent of Canon SE40 001, Canon SE40 002, Canon SE40 003... However, a Canon SE40 and a Canon SG40 are NOT identical items.

Here you go! Now you can manage your reservations hassle-free in the equipment room! Do not forget to finalize the check-out by clicking check-out at the end of the picking and voila!

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