You are in a hurry and need to check-out the items you reserved from the equipment room? You can now use the optional picking feature straight from your mobile phone.

You can read more on how to activate the feature on your account in another article.

This article focuses on how to use Picking via mobile app.

Go to Reservations

Pick the Reservation you are trying to Check-out

Click Actions and go to Proceed to pick-up

You can start scanning right away!

Any item you scan will be added in the picked column, even if it was not part of the original reservation.

Next to each item you will see three dots, which allows you to make a choice- to skip or pick an item, if you do not want to scan the codes. Skipping will move the item to skipped column and will not be checked out.

If an item has a conflict, you can replace the item with a similar one* by scanning the item in front of you. The app will replace the item and you do not have to worry about removing the conflicted item from the reservation. Fuss free!

Note: To be able to successfully replace the item, both of them need to be in the same category with similar names. Only then the app recognises the items as similar. Example: Canon SE40 is the equivalent as Canon SE40 001, Canon SE40 002, Canon SE40 003... However, a Canon SE40 and a Canon SG40 are NOT identical items.

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