How to activate equipment picking

A fast intermediate step between reservations and check-outs that allows you to select and/or modify the right equipment on the fly.

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Equipment picking is an optional feature that allows you to pick the right equipment on the fly. It's most useful as an intermediate step between reservations and check-outs.

With the equipment picking feature, you can save time when checking out reserved items by not having to match the QR code or asset number to specific items. No more need to deal with last minute conflicts, broken or missing items. Equipment picking allows you to easily replace items without losing your valuable time. We do it all for you!

General overview

  • Can be used both on Web and Mobile app

  • USB and Bluetooth scanner compatible

  • Equipment picking is best used with asset labels, but is also possible by manually selecting items/ filling in the codes

Main benefits of Equipment picking

  • The possibility to pick any item (with the same name and category) without searching for matching barcodes

  • Automatic swapping of similar items without having to scan the correct QR code

  • Automatic conflict resolution when scanning broken or missing equipment

  • Easily add, remove or replace equipment from your original reservation

  • Automatic grouping of equipment by category and by name for a clearer and more structured overview of your reservation

  • ...

If this all sounds interesting to you, then Equipment picking might be the feature you need!

How to enable Equipment picking

  • Click Settings in the bottom left corner of the Web application

  • Click Add-ons

  • Scroll down to Reservations and click on Settings

  • Scroll down to Equipment picking and make sure it's activated

  • Click Save when you are done

Congratulations! You can now use Equipment picking!
​Note: the feature is off by default, you would need to activate it in order for your users to be able to use it. All the users with permissions to access Settings can enable/ disable this feature

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