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Cheqroom's Power Guide - Advanced Users
Cheqroom's Power Guide - Advanced Users

A compilation of Cheqroom's advanced features to take you and the team to the next level

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Hey there and welcome to our Power Guide for Advanced Users! πŸ‘‹

Once you've familiarized yourself with our features and Settings, it's time to dig a little deeper. Learn about all of our advanced features and take your account to that next level.Β 

Ready? Here we go!

πŸ“ Storing all possible information in an efficient manner

In Cheqroom, you can add as much information on an Item/Kit, a Contact, or a booking, as you wish. It also lets you specify "the field type" so you can store rich content in each field, and it allows you to track down relevant information in no time.Β 


πŸ“‚ Tidying up your information and keeping it organizedΒ 

Once you've added all your information and relevant data into your Cheqroom account, you can tidy up your view, add relevant search filters for all users, and update your information in bulk.


πŸ“Š Using your item and booking data to your advantageΒ 

After having used the tool for a while, our reporting and depreciation module will make most of the data you have added into the system. See which items have been used the most (and which ones have been collecting dust), what team member has been returning the gear on time, and what the current value is of your total inventory.


⏱ A few time-savers that can save the day 

In a fast-paced environment, a few shortcuts can come in handy, such as making a quick Reservation or Check-out, or sending automated reminders to keep the team in check! And once you have your equipment labeled with QR codes or barcodes, our Mobile App can save you some crucial minutes as well.


🧾 Agreements and Checklist to get ahead of the game 

In Cheqroom, we have several ready-to-use templates that you can attach to any booking or contact page. You can use them to keep your team members a bit more accountable when handling your company's expensive gear or to have an ATA Carnet or checklist ready when your equipment is being moved and shipped around a lot.Β 


🌎 Keeping a better overview of your inventory with Locations

Locations are one of the main features of Cheqroom. They allow you to create separate Locations for each equipment room, warehouse or department, within your organization and assign Items to them. This means you can see, per Location, where all your inventory is stored and decide from which Location every user will be picking up their gear.


β›“ The Power of Cheqroom's integrations

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